And just like that, it's been a week

So just a week ago we finally went live; how exciting was that?

For a while we teased with our incredible combination of products and now, they’re finally here.

Straight out of West Africa, we brought you our original unrefined, grade A raw Shea butter, and introduced Shea butter with sweet almond oil and argan oil along the way. Feeling just as good as it looks, our fluffy and soft products is just what you need in treating your hair, face and body.

Now, at The Adepa Brand, we love all things quality. We love the richness in antioxidants, the nourishing benefits and the radiance our products offer, and so Mango butter entered the chat. Shea butter combined with Mango butter, along with our sweet almond and argan oils are nothing short of perfection; plus, the additional drops of Vitamin E oil is just the relief for dryness.

We really could go on and on, but you know what they say, “actions speak louder than words”. Come and visit us, and feel for yourself.

Nkuto y3 adepa.

The Adepa Brand